How To Be A Confident First Time MomHow To Be A Confident First Time Mom

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How To Be A Confident First Time Mom

My name is Bethany Layton and before my first child was born, I quit my job so I could be a full time mom. I was an only child and I had never been around children much in my lifetime, so I was nervous about being a mommy. Before my son was born, I read many books and did an enormous amount of research on child care. When my son was a few months old, I had the confidence to start taking care of other children too. I'm thrilled that I can stay at home with my child and help out other parents in my neighborhood. I began writing this blog to help other new mothers who may feel anxious about being a first time mom. In my blog you'll learn everything you need to know about taking care of your child so you'll be a confident mommy too.

3 Important Skills Your Child Can Learn In A Child Care Center

Child care centers, like Kaye Kare Child Care Center, are great places for parents to take their children because they are safe environments where caring and skilled individuals will be watching the children. There are also some important skills that are taught and learned at child care centers.


One concept that is incredibly difficult for children to learn, especially if they are an only child, is to share. They don't like the idea of giving away something that is theirs, and some fear that they aren't going to get it back. Thankfully, a child care setting can help them to learn the importance of sharing, and they can see the good in it. They will realize that they will get whatever they are sharing back, and that others will also share with them. This allows them to see sharing in a more positive light and helps to prepare them for a life of sharing opportunities.

Listen To Authority 

When you child is in a child care center, there are likely a few adults who are in charge. It is important that your child listens to these adults and follows the rules of the child care center. However, this may be a foreign concept to them because they may only be used to listening to their parents and grandparents. They may feel as if they don't have to listen to anyone else, but attending a child care center regularly will help them to understand that they must listen to authority. They will be put in time out or some other fair punishment when they don't listen or act out in child care, thus helping them learn this important concept. 


One incredibly important and fundamental, life-long skill that your child will begin to understand in child care is socialization. A child care setting gives your child the opportunity to socialize with both adults and peers when you aren't around. They will learn to behave in an acceptable way and learn how to appropriately treat others in different situations. Your child will begin to understand that other children may think or do some things differently than they do, and that this is okay.  This is a great skill for them to comprehend by the time they begin attending school and it can make the transition into school much easier for them. 

Taking your child to a child care program does a great job of teaching your child how to share, how to listen to authority, and how to properly socialize. All of these skills are incredibly important and can help your child as they grow older.