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How To Be A Confident First Time Mom

My name is Bethany Layton and before my first child was born, I quit my job so I could be a full time mom. I was an only child and I had never been around children much in my lifetime, so I was nervous about being a mommy. Before my son was born, I read many books and did an enormous amount of research on child care. When my son was a few months old, I had the confidence to start taking care of other children too. I'm thrilled that I can stay at home with my child and help out other parents in my neighborhood. I began writing this blog to help other new mothers who may feel anxious about being a first time mom. In my blog you'll learn everything you need to know about taking care of your child so you'll be a confident mommy too.

4 Reasons Daycare Is Great For Your Kids

If you are deciding between daycare and hiring a nanny for your child, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. After all, you want to be sure that your child is going to be 100% happy during the times that you are not able to be around. Hiring a nanny may be beneficial because it allows your child to stay in the comfort of their own home. However, there are many great benefits of daycare, as well. Here are four reasons daycare is so great:

  1. Socialization: Kids, no matter what age, need to have some socialization with kids their own age. This is why daycare is a great option since your child will be around other kids all day. They can play together and your child is going to better understand how to socialize with others in an appropriate way. 
  2. Structure: Another great thing about daycare is that many daycare providers work under a schedule, meaning that your child is going to be doing different things during the day, but also ensures that they are going to be following a strict structure. This is a great way for your child to prepare for the future since they will be under a structure when they start going to school and then when they move on to get a job.
  3. No Boredom: In a daycare setting, your child is much less likely to get bored. This is because they will have other kids to play with, a routine schedule, and the daycare provider will ensure that your child always has something to do if they ever do feel like they are bored. This can give you peace of mind while you are not work and can't be around your child during the day. 
  4. Lower Chance of Depression: Typically, when a child spends most of their day indoors with a nanny, there is a higher chance of depression. This is because your child is not getting any socialization with other kids, they are much more likely to be bored most of the day, and they have more time to miss their parents. Although you may want your child to miss you, if they begin to miss you too much while you are away, this can lead to resentment that you have to be away at work a majority of the day. 

By knowing these four reasons why daycare is so great for your kids, you can be sure that you don't completely eliminate it from your child care options and at least give it try.